The amount of colour choices that go into the exterior of a house is ASTONISHING! I always anticipated that the interior design decisions would be hard but it never crossed my mind that choosing colours for the exterior materials would make me want to tear my hair out. Grab a cup of coffee cause this might take a while...

After narrowing in on the look we were going for, we set out to finding the right materials to accomplish it.  As it turns out - we simply live on the wrong coast.  Who knew??  Apparently the exact type of house we love is so popular on the other side of the continent that it's coined it's own style.  A quick google search of 'West Coast Modern" and you'll know what I'm talking about.  We found a ton of information on expressed joint panel systems, & cedar cladding materials in the Pacific North West, but were hard pressed to find building practices & materials for that style of home locally.

Today kicks off our second Design Week and this time it's all about the exterior of the Dreamhouse.  When we left off last time, we revealed the conceptual elevation drawings & first colour renderings of the exterior.  Of course drawings are easy.  The hard part is bringing the drawings to life to achieve the look we want within budget.

Happy Thursday folks - and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Ameri-friends! First of all, I feel like I should apologize for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks. Between broken laptops, business trips, a sick pre-schooler & some much needed family time, there hasn't been a whole lot of room left in my schedule for the blog. I know...BAD blogger!! Not to worry though cause I promise to make up for it.

Happy Monday folks! We hope you had a restful weekend - ours unfortunately was filled with laundry, chores & a few of the other things we've been putting off for the last several weeks. And sadly we didn't even get through it all. Sigh... But on to more exciting things...  Last week we promised that today we'd reveal our choice from the short list of interior designers we met with.  So let's not waste any more time (since if you're reading this post, you already know who we chose - we kinda gave it away in the title, lol).

Well Design Week is coming to a close.  In case you missed it be sure to check out the rest of this week's posts. We first took you through our search for inspiration, then outlined how we focused in on our full wish list and created our look book. Today we're finally revealing The Dreamhouse on paper as we go through Kevin's design and it's evolution from rough sketch to colour rendering.