Last week we gave you a little peek into our Halloween costume making obsession.  I have to admit that even I think we go overboard sometimes - and this year was no exception. But honestly, when you ask your 4 year old what he wants to be for Halloween & his response is: "Da bwack Jedi Angwy Bird fwom Angwy Birds STAR WARS!!" you simply CANNOT disappoint.  I mean...ok yes - he's obsessed with Angry Birds.  But he's 4 and knows the words 'Jedi' and 'Star Wars.' I must be doing something right...

If you remember last week was all about the window install (I know, how could you forget right?!). Well this week we were all geared up to kick off another Design Week & talk about all our plans for the exterior of the house... And then I spilled coffee on my MacBook.

Halloween is in exactly one week. And we haven't started working on our costumes. Aaaaaand cue panic! Anyone who knows us well, knows this is the time of year where we go all out. There's just a certain satisfaction that comes from taking a cool idea, applying some brainpower & a few crafting skills and executing an EPIC costume. The fact that I was blessed with a partner that feels the same is nothing more than kismet.

Remember how excited we were when our windows finally arrived?? Well now we're even more excited (if that's even possible) because the windows are being installed and they're even sexier than we imagined they would be! That's right I said sexy...and I'm talking about windows. Have a look at the pics below and try to argue with me...

This is going to be embarrassing... When we attended BlogPodium a few weeks back, one of the announcements we were pretty excited about was that PARA Paints was launching the search for their 2014 Para Blog Crew.  We knew instantly that we wanted to apply because we thought it'd be fun to shoot the submission video - that AND we do have an ENTIRE house to paint, so figured we'd have no shortage of content to blog about should we be chosen.

Ok guys. It's that time. In the spirit of keepin it real, we've decided to address the screaming purple elephant in the room because frankly, a lot of people are nosy curious. Seriously, we've had neighbours see our house going up & do everything from dance around the issue, to flat out ask what we do & how much we make! So today we're talking about money.

I have a confession to make. Well a few actually. But the first is I've spent the better part of this week in a post-vacation funk. Does that ever happen to you? You spend a week in tropical bliss - away from the stresses of your daily life - only to return & have it all come crashing back down on you?? Surely I'm not alone in this. Well today, I've made a decision to pull myself out of the funk. I'm back to blogging today because writing always makes me feel better & I'm choosing to let go of the "everyone else's recap is already so much better than yours is going to be so why bother" mentality that has been stifling me & keeping me from writing this post.